Over the past 10 years, Aim High Academy has taught numerous top SAT/ACT scorers. In 2015, our best student SAT score was a 2380/2400, by Shobhit Srivsatava from GSMST. Shobhit has since gone on to GA Tech on scholarship. This year, another of our students, Nivedha Soundappan, a junior from Houston County High School, received a virtually perfect SAT score. Missing only 1 question on writing, Nivedha got a 2390/2400! She attended Aim High’s hybrid SAT/ACT program this past fall. With the guidance of Aim High’s expert teachers, she greatly improved her knowledge and test-taking strategies. Nivedha’s got her near perfect SAT score in January 2016. Also, she achieved a 35 out of 36 on the ACT, placing her in the top 1% of test-takers nationwide. Although Aim High is located in the heart of Duluth, GA, Nivedha’s parents contributed many hours driving her to and from class (4+ hours round trip). However, their sacrifice paid off big time; Nivedha has a highly competitive SAT and ACT score, which not only maximizes her chances of attending a top college, but also increases her scholarship chances. Other recent top Aim High scorers include Umasai Kedepu (ACT – 36), Nithin Reddy (ACT – 35), and Stacey Kim (ACT – 35). Overall, over 40% of Aim High students reach the 93rd percentile or better on the SAT/ACT.

Aim High believes it is always possible to maximize a student’s SAT/ACT score if the following 3 criteria are met: First, the student must be motivated. Aim High’s experienced educational professionals know exactly how to provide students with motivation if and when they need it. Secondly, parental support is essential—especially outside the classroom. Making sure students are on time to class and on top of their homework is something parents can always contribute. Finally, students need guidance. Even extremely intelligent students still need help navigating college entrance tests and college admissions. From educating our students on college admissions policies to AP course planning, Aim High does everything to guarantee that students are fully prepared to apply to college. We frequently hear from parents who are still confused about standardized tests and college admissions, even after consulting school counselors. Aim High’s philosophy is that parents and students deserve better. We strive to provide students and parents with the absolute best in information, instruction, and overall advice available regarding standardized tests, college admissions, and all other academic matters.

1.What is your highest recorded score/super-score on the SAT or ACT?

  • 2390 on the SAT and 35 on the ACT

2. How much of an improvement above your starting SAT/ACT does that represent?

  • Over 200 point improvement

3. At the start of your test preparation at Aim High, what were some of your main weaknesses on the SAT/ACT that you were able to overcome?

  • My main weakness was the reading and writing sections because I did not know the exact techniques and skills tested. As Aim High showed me the grammar errors and types of questions tested on the SAT, I was able to improve my score.
  • I learned to annotate the text as I read so that I would better remember the content after reading the passages. I also improved my vocabulary through their weekly vocab quizzes and was able to eliminate my writing section errors by evaluating the sentence on certain criteria.

4. How effective was the curriculum at Aim High in helping you achieve your high SAT/ACT score?

  • The curriculum at Aim High was challenging and demanded commitment even though it was lenient. It left the choice of the amount of work to the student and gave them all the materials they needed to succeed on the standardized tests. It also motivated the student to improve their performance each week.

5. How effective were the teachers at Aim High in helping you achieve your high SAT/ACT score?

  • The instructors, Mr. Dane and Mr. John, were very helpful and creative when it came to teaching the specific skills needed to score well on these tests. They kept us interested and tested us on the same types of material over and over to speed up our thinking and improve our performance.

6.Were Aim High’s courses helpful in comparison to the study resources provided by your school?

  • Instead of simply handing the student a book and telling them to read it, Aim High helped guide the student and ensured they understood the challenge they were about to face. They gave me the tools I needed to overcome this challenge instead of leaving me on my own to face the challenge.

7. What was your favorite aspect about your experience studying at Aim High, or what about Aim High do you think most helped you achieve your high score?

  • I enjoyed the friendly but competitive spirit at Aim High. We were compared against each other each week to gauge our improvements and how far we still had to go. Through the team competitions and the public quiz grades, Aim High made the experience fun by encouraging students to form friendly and competitive bonds with each other.

8. What advice would you give other students who are preparing for the SAT/ACT and hope to achieve impressive scores like yours?

  • An important thing to keep in mind when preparing for these tests is to keep studying and focusing on them. Do not let any other distractions get in the way of your preparation and devote the time you know you will need to really familiarize yourself with the test before test day. Most importantly, do not stress during test day because if you have prepared for the test sufficiently, you will get the score you deserve.

( Questions for Parents)

1.How did you hear and find about Aim high?

  • From a friend in Suwanee. His daughter attended Aim High in the past.

2.What aspect of Aim High’s SAT/ACT programs do you think most helped your student achieve a top SAT/ACT score?

  • They have a rigorous and structured program, which is challenging for the student. Also the Vocabulary quizzes.

3. What advice would you offer to other parents whose children are preparing for the SAT/ACT and who want to achieve a top SAT/ACT score?

  • Master the test taking skills and apply the knowledge in an effective way in the SAT and ACT. AIM HIGH greatly helps in this aspect..

4. How helpful was Aim High’s program in helping your student achieve a top SAT/ACT score compared to the resources offered at the student’s school?

  • AIM HIGH helped tremendously in all aspects of test taking and they focus on the weakness of the student to make them better for the test. They helped greatly in essay writing.