Aim High’s approach to teaching English grammar and SAT/ACT writing is unrivaled by any other test-prep company. Our writing program is divided up into 8 main topics, and is also further divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. In order to get a perfect Writing score on either the SAT or ACT, one must be proficient in the following areas: Number, Verb Tense/Form, Pronouns, Modifiers, Prepositions/Idiom, Comparisons, Parallelism, and Coordination/Punctuation. Our highly qualified and experienced verbal instructors deliver intensive lectures on each of these topics, and assign rigorous homework and in-class assignments in connection with each of these important grammar topics.


Our approach to teaching Reading Comprehension for both the SAT and ACT begins with understanding the format of the section. We begin by teaching students how to efficiently read and annotate all passage types (Literature, Social Science, Humanities, Natural Science), which allows the students to have a solid grasp of the readings by becoming active participants with the passage, as opposed to simply being passive recipients of the information contained in the passages. Once students perfect their annotation and active reading techniques, we then dig into all the major question-types, and provide them with strategies and tips on how to deal with every kind of question they will encounter (i.e. – retrieval, inference, main point, vocab-in-context, tone/attitude, analogy, assumptions, etc.) Students will also have weekly vocab quizzes that encourage them to not only memorize the definitions of key vocab terms, but also learn to apply them precisely in the context of actual sentences.


Much like our approach to grammar, our approach to teaching SAT and ACT math is divided into 5 major topics (Number Properties, Algebra/Geometry, Data/Statistics, and Trigonometry), each of which has numerous subtopics, which are also divided up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our math curriculum is completely up-to-date, covering all recent changes in test formats. Our math instructors are experts in their field, and regularly perform ongoing research and education in the areas of SAT and ACT math so that they can offer students the gold standard in SAT/ACT math prep. Once students learn the basic mathematical rules and principles test on the SAT and ACT, we then explore time-saving strategies, short-cuts to getting the right answer, and overall test-taking tips that promote efficiency and confidence in selecting correct answers.


Our science instructors begin preparing students for ACT science by first introducing them to all the basic scientific principles and facts that they need to understand any given ACT science passage. We then help them familiarize themselves with the overall structure of the section, which allows them to develop custom strategies that improve time-management (the biggest factor in a good ACT science score). Many students fear the ACT science section, and so we make it a top priority to demystify or “make less scary” the science section in general. ACT science is really just Reading Comprehension with charts/data, and it is often helpful for students to use the lessons they learn in Reading and apply them to navigating their way through the science section.

COVID-19 updates

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates

Health officials worldwide are closely monitoring the outbreak of illness caused by the newly identified coronavirus (COVID 19).
•Our students’ health is important to us. To follow the guideline and for the safety of our students,
Aim High Academy transitioned to online instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. In addition, Summer course offerings will be online.

•Resources for online teaching and learning are available for faculty and students.

•Online virtual consultation is now available. Please book for zoom
Consultation at the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” page.

Prevention is a key strategy with any virus, such as influenza or this coronavirus, so it is important to both protect yourself and take measures against the spread to others.