Aim High Student Enrollment Agreement (“Agreement”)

1. Attendance Policy

Aim High Academy (hereinafter “Aim High”) maintains that students must attend all classes and tutorial sessions as scheduled in order to achieve optimal results from Aim High’s programs. However, in case of illness or emergency, students may be permitted to attend make-up sessions as scheduled by Aim High. Make-up sessions will be offered at the sole discretion of Aim High. Aim High will make reasonable efforts in good faith to accommodate students who wish to attend make-up sessions, but has no obligation under this agreement to provide free make-up sessions. Under no circumstances shall any refund be issued if a student is unable to attend a scheduled make-up session or if there no longer exists a class that fits the student’s needs or desires. All make-up sessions must be held on or before the final day of the original program in which the student is enrolled.

2. Cancellation Policy

Students who have purchased private lessons from Aim High and who wish to cancel or reschedule a previously scheduled private lesson must provide Aim High notice at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled session. In the event a student cancels or reschedules a previously scheduled private lesson without giving Aim High at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, the student forfeits one (1) hour of his or her previously purchased private lesson/tutorial package. Private lessons/tutorial packages include, but are not limited to, SAT/ACT lessons, academic/AP class tutorials, and college essay/application assistance. Cancellation and rescheduling shall not be permitted for students who are enrolled in group classes offered by Aim High.

3. Refund Policy

All tuition payments made to Aim High are final and nonrefundable. As used in this agreement, the term “tuition” includes, but is not limited to, payments for group classes, private lessons, and any other specially designed courses or tutorial packages (such as lessons offered in college essay/application assistance). Any refund (full or partial) will be issued only in extraordinary or unforeseeable circumstances and at the sole discretion of Aim High. Extraordinary or unforeseeable circumstances do NOT include personal vacations, and if a student is absent for any group class or private lesson due to ordinary or foreseeable circumstances, the student is entitled to neither a refund nor a make-up session

4. Referral Policy

Aim High will offer a referral bonus to any student currently enrolled in one of Aim High’s group classes or private tutorials who refers one or more other students to one of Aim High’s programs. The referring party is entitled to this referral bonus only if the student(s) being referred enrolls in either a full-length, non-promotional group class or purchases a minimum of sixty (60) hours of private instruction. For each student referred under this policy, Aim High will provide the referring party either two (2) free hours of private instruction or a $150 credit. This credit can be applied only to full-length, non-promotional classes in which the referring party has enrolled. The referring party is entitled to a maximum of $750 in credit to be applied to group classes. If a student refers more than five (5) other students and reaches the $750 limit, that student is entitled to two (2) hours of private instruction for each additional student referred under this policy. The referring party may refer up to four (4) additional students before the maximum private lesson limit (8 hours) is reached. Referral credits are inapplicable to any promotional classes offered by Aim High. Referral credits are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. However, Aim High reserves the right to allow the limited transfer of referral credits in certain circumstances that, in the opinion of Aim High, are fair and reasonable

5. Student Success Policy

A. In order for Aim High’s educational programs to produce optimal results, the student must cooperate with his or her instructors and any Aim High staff member. This includes, but is not limited to, completing all homework, attending and actively participating in all group classes/private lessons, and taking exhaustive and accurate lecture notes. Parents must also follow Aim High’s academic advice, and work to ensure that their students, when not in class at Aim High, are diligently studying their class-notes and completing all homework assignments. Aim High reserves the right to delineate and publish in future promotional materials, with or without notice, any former or present student’s standardized test scores or the names of any universities/educational programs into which the student has been accepted. As used in this agreement, future promotional materials include, but are not limited to, newspaper advertisements, congratulatory posters for successful students, and testimonials regarding Aim High’s programs.

B. For students enrolled in any of Aim High’s educational programs, Aim High has the right to anonymously publish or use any and all essays created by these students. Furthermore, for promotional purposes, Aim High reserves the right to publish and disseminate via print or internet media any and all photographic content of students enrolled in one of Aim High’s educational programs or attending any field trip/event run by Aim High.

6. Practice Test Policy

Students are required to take all practice tests administered by Aim High. These tests are essential for tracking student progress and are considered an integral part of the Aim High curriculum. Under certain circumstances, Aim High may offer free practice tests in addition to the ones already included in a given course/tutorial package, but is under no obligation to do so. However, for a $40 fee, a student may request an extra practice test, complete with a detailed score report/analysis

7. Student Behavior Policy

At all times while on the premises of and under the supervision of Aim High, students must show self-discipline, exercise courtesy and respect, and behave in ways that ensure the health and safety of themselves and other students. By enrolling at Aim High, students agree to observe all the reasonable rules and instructions given to them by Aim High and its employees. As such, Aim High shall not be held responsible for any preventable injury or damage caused or incurred by a student as a result of that student’s misbehavior or disobedience.

COVID-19 updates

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates

Health officials worldwide are closely monitoring the outbreak of illness caused by the newly identified coronavirus (COVID 19).
•Our students’ health is important to us. To follow the guideline and for the safety of our students,
Aim High Academy transitioned to online instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. In addition, Summer course offerings will be online.

•Resources for online teaching and learning are available for faculty and students.

•Online virtual consultation is now available. Please book for zoom
Consultation at the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” page.

Prevention is a key strategy with any virus, such as influenza or this coronavirus, so it is important to both protect yourself and take measures against the spread to others.