•  Summer Hybrid Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00~3:00  for 8 weeks.

June 1st ~ July 29th 2020

Learn both SAT & ACT !!

Our hybrid class is designed to master both SAT and ACT. From 13 years of teaching SAT & ACT, Aim High Academy has tried and gained the best test strategies to get the best score for our students. Many students juggle between SAT and ACT and sometimes get intimidated by certain tests because of a lack of knowledge or simply not learning from school yet.

If you cannot make a decision on which exam to take, here is the overview of how you should see the SAT and ACT.

In the big picture, SAT test requires critical thinking, and the wording of the questions is complicated.  In the ACT, the wording of the questions is more direct and straight forward. From teaching hundreds of students over the past thirteen years, we have come to the conclusion that studying SAT  helps to get a better score in the ACT test. Of course between SAT and ACT, it is students’ preference which exam to take. However, over 73 %of Aim High students who prepared SAT later switched to ACT and obtained better scores.  Over 90% of SAT and ACT has a similar scope of knowledge. so bottom line, you should take both first, to see which exam you prefer and then plan and benchmark which exam to take in the future.

Our Hybrid class will teach both SAT & ACT, let you experience both tests, explain the difference between the two exams, and how you can do better on the exams of your preference.


     1. Different Level Classes

Not all students excel in all subjects. Students will be placed into different levels of class, which will have different learning pace. Putting all students in one class is not an effective way of learning. Your student might have forgotten all geometry or may not excel in reading comprehension. So we have different level classes.

  • How do we determine the level of students?
  •  Depending on students’ PSAT or any previous test score + our Diagnostic test will determine the level of the class.
  •  On every full-length SAT or ACT practice test, you will get a detailed test analysis. So you can find out what areas you need to focus on.     
  • so depending on the level of your class, the speed of lecture and focus will be different.


        2.Unique Level and topic-based  curriculum

  • The student will master each topic for Reading, Writing Math and Science.
  • Each topic has an easy, medium, and hard level.
  • After the diagnostic test, students will be placed into different levels of classes.
  • in Math, both SAT and ACT has five different topics: Numbers operation, Algebra, Geometry, Data statistics, Trig.
  • Each Math topic has Easy, Medium, and Hard Level. 
  • An intermediate level class will review every topic very carefully starting from easy and move on the medium and hard level. 
  • The advanced level class will skip the easy level and start from medium level questions and focus on hard level questions
  • so Pacing will be different in each class.
  •  in Writing, a student will review 10 grammar topics, such as Subject-verb agreement, verb tense or comparison and etc, then learn the writing section tactics.
  • in Reading , a student will learn how to read fast, how to make effective annotation, how to find out a topic sentence and learn all types of comprehension questions,          
  •                          how to approach different passages and etc. 


       3. Online Class 

       COVID-19 is and has changed all aspects of our lives and Distance learning is one of the biggest changes that all of our students had to face.

      Many of you might have experienced already some obstacles to online learning. Aim High Academy will do our best to reduce all the virtual learning obstacles.

      This summer,  we will be using an optimized, cloud-based learning management system to provide a user-friendly online environment.

       Here are highlights of our online system.

  • LIVE online class
  • Provide recorded session for a makeup class
  • Check Homework completion  
  • Check Homework accuracy
  • Instant online Quiz and result
  • Full-length SAT & ACT practice 
  • Detail test score analysis
  • LIVE in-class interaction
  • Group/individual in-class exercises
  • Student/ Parent portal


       4. Motivation Motivation Motivation!!

       Are you not motivated enough to study?

       Our trained instructor will motivate you and teach effective study skills, note-taking skills, and discipline skills to practice.


COVID-19 updates

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates

Health officials worldwide are closely monitoring the outbreak of illness caused by the newly identified coronavirus (COVID 19).
•Our students’ health is important to us. To follow the guideline and for the safety of our students,
Aim High Academy transitioned to online instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. In addition, Summer course offerings will be online.

•Resources for online teaching and learning are available for faculty and students.

•Online virtual consultation is now available. Please book for zoom
Consultation at the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” page.

Prevention is a key strategy with any virus, such as influenza or this coronavirus, so it is important to both protect yourself and take measures against the spread to others.