1.     Being a vigorous member of math and science!

Are you interested in becoming a doctor, engineer or a scientist? If your profession requires building a strong mathematical background, do not hesitate to become a member of your school’s math team and science club. Don’t just tell the colleges that you want to be a successful technician in near future. It is easy to sign up for those clubs in most high schools and there will not be any admission test to be members after all. Show explicit activities for your interest in technology if you are applying for M.I.T or Georgia Tech. If you are planning to be a musician or an artist in near future, you should consider signing up for those clubs.

2.     Create your own club!

Be creative! It is okay to illustrate your innovative side for the college admission. We have had a student creating a medical club with a few of his friends who want to be doctors or pharmacist in near future. How about an art club or engineering club? You can come up with a list of learning activities outside the school. Interview the real people who are currently working in the fields and gain ideas what would be like if you follow that career. Working experience can help you learn the pros and cons about the actual career you are dreaming of.


3.     Care for the community!

Colleges do not want geeks who only think of themselves. Most schools emphasize giving back to their communities and living together in harmony. Look for the activities that you can change your community. You may include personal experiences from helping people at the local library to a mission trip in a different country. Do not force your own perspective. Instead, discuss what you have learned and how you will continue to influence the people after college.



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